Immediate Delivery Service Provider

Special Delivery Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Gift points are awarded for the future purchases of delivery and other business services.
  2. One point will be given for each full rate local delivery completed outside your immediate downtown area. Two points will be given for each full rate process serving and each full rate out-of-the-metroplex delivery, court filing or document retrieval project. One fourth point (.25) will be given for each delivery picked up and delivered within your immediate downtown area. Point values may be reduced on any services with negotiated rates.
  3. Gift points will begin to accumulate in your Rewards Program account following our receipt of your online membership application.
  4. A five point sign-up bonus is added to your Rewards Program account upon approval of your first time membership application.
  5. All active Rewards Program members will receive an email each month with a link to a list of their last month’s point activity along with a total of their currently available points.
  6. Points are redeemable for only the gift cards shown on the Gift Cards page under the Rewards section of our website.
  7. Points are not transferable to other individuals and have no cash value. Your accumulated gift points may be taken with you to a new position or job.
  8. Special Delivery Service, Inc. reserves the right to make the final decision on any discrepancy or disagreement concerning the Rewards Program.
  9. Points redeemed for gift cards will be deducted from your total accumulated points.
  10. Points may not be combined with other promotional offers or discounts.
  11. A point is generally worth $1.00 of value toward the value of a Gift Card. Gift card and point values are subject to change without notice.
  12. All gifts are subject to availability. Special Delivery Service, Inc. reserves the right to substitute gift cards of equal value.
  13. This gift program is void where prohibited by your employer’s policy or applicable law.
  14. All redemptions of reward points for gift cards are final and the exchange or return of gift cards is prohibited.
  15. Special Delivery Service, Inc. reserves the right to refuse redemption of points on past due accounts.
  16. A Rewards Program account having no activity for one year may be closed and the points may be forfeited. Please let us know if you move or change jobs.
  17. Special Delivery Service, Inc. reserves the right to alter or terminate the Rewards Program without notice.
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